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Founder of Firefighters interview by Reading Newspaper

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Our Founder is interviewed by a local paper

Miriam set up this charity to help people who were struggling with difficult situations and are subsequently isolated. Miriam is not adverse to tragedy herself, when she fell pregnant after being raped in 2001, she relied heavily on the support of local organisations, people who helped with furniture, food, conversation, support and everything a young 19 year old would need. Miriam overcame her tragedy and was further inspired to help others. This charity was started with the compassion and understanding of what it means to struggle. Miriams story made national and international news and she has written a book 'The Naked Truth which uncovers all the devastation that comes with abuse and trauma in order to help other young girls like herself.

Miriam endured further tragedy in life when her mother died suddenly, her cousin was murdered and she also lost 6 family members within 24 months.

Being acquainted with grief and knowing how it feels to suffer heartache she has birthed this charity with the full knowledge of being 'that person in need' and is able to personally relate to many members in her community.

Miriam quotes

" I’ve suffered and I overcame those things and it’s made me the person I am today. I’ve been through a lot of hurt and pain but as a result of that I’m a stronger person.”

We are proud to have Miriam as the founder of this charity.

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