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Firefighters Helps Hungry Homeless

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Firefighters supports the homeless in Reading by providing food and drink to those on the streets and have been active in supporting the local community by providing supplies of toiletries and shopping for the elderly, Telephone helpline support and befriending those in need on the streets. Recently during Covid 19 we have helped supply food and toiletries to the NHS nurses, Food to the emergency services, masks and hygiene kits to the community and ongoing help and support via telephone and social media.

We absolutely love being out on the streets! we have met so many people from all walks of life and listened to so many stories. This video a small snippet of our work.


"Firefighters helped me when nobody else did, all day I was in Reading town hungry. They took me and my friend to KFC and bought us food, we are so grateful."

Whilst in Reading town, Firefighters volunteers came across two males from abroad who had lost their jobs in the UK. They were unable to get further work and had not eaten. Firefighters bough them food and took them to a shelter.

"Due to my diabetes I was isolated at home. Firefighters called me every week and brought me food from a local exotic shop so that I could eat food I like to cook from my birth country. I am very grateful".

During the pandemic firefighters has been providing our most vulnerable members of society with support. We serve people from all communities and backgrounds and one elderly male in particular from a minority group was upset due to not being able to get out of the house as he was high risk, we went to a specialist shop in the town where we got him some cultural food.

Get Inspired

We have been doing everything from cooking for and supporting bereaved families and shopping or collecting prescriptions for vulnerable people and supporting others on the phone. We are looking for more volunteers. Please fill in a form to join us.

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