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Firefighters is helped by The National Lottery community fund in partnership with HM Government

Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery in conjunction with HM Government Firefighters were able to support our community even more

We were able to set up a more efficient Telephone line to reach more members of the public and allow people to call our helpline for 2 additional days a week and allow homeless people to call us for FREE if and when they need us anytime.

We were able to relocate our office address to Reading for 5 years to bring us closer to the community we serve and our main base.

We were able to purchase 250 Covid care kits consisting of masks, hand sanitisers, and other goods for those in need.

We were able to purchase 250 shopping bags to assist more of the community with food parcels

We were able to get 10 thousand leaflets distributed to people in Reading to make them aware of our services

We were able to buy more equipment and PPE for our volunteers

We were able to buy clothes for single parents/patients and homeless

We were able to buy shavers/toothpaste/toothbrushes/washbags/and 100 homeless care kits

We were able to purchase 500 aftercare leaflets for our beneficiaries to remain in contact with us

We were able to reach 9,189 people with social media advertising

We were able to purchase insurance for all of our volunteers and liability insurance to assist the public and be safe

We were able to buy 100 pairs of slippers for people in need

300 body lotions

120 wash bags

1600 packs of toiletries

50 rucksacks

300 toiletries

Children's jackets



and so much more!

We were also able to buy temporary storage space for all of our equipment

This was the first time our charity had ever had such a big donation so we are extremely grateful that we were able to set up more efficiently! We still have a long way to go and are always in need of generous supporters to help us! Our long-term goal is to recruit more volunteers and have our helpline running for longer! Please feel free to contact us to get involved!

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