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Treat Others as You’d Like to Be Treated

Black and Blue Project

One of our goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in our communities are safe and have their basic needs taken care of. Statistically there are more black on black killings in the United Kingdom than any other ethnicity. The black community is also familiar with silence on areas such as abuse and feeling able to open up for support. In the black minority ethnic church groups many do not speak up for fear of reprisal from their cultures, There is also historical distrust between minority ethnic groups and the police force. We aim to be an independent relatable source of support for people from ethnic backgrounds. Statistics recently published in National media show a huge disparity in the proportion of black ethnic students securing jobs regardless of being as equally qualified as their peers. We are determined not to let potential be determined by race. Our aim is to defeat stereotypes and create harmony and equality within the black community.

All of our services are open to all but we also identify as being a key point of reference to the ethnic community:

  1. Befriending for carers of ethnic children stuck in gangs and crime

  2. Support for black church community going through a criminal crisis they feel unable to share with their Pastors

  3. Bridge building between local authorities such as the Police force and the ethnic community

  4. Support for racial discrimination of any kind

  5. Support for young black youth wanting to get away from gangs

  6. Support and mentorship for young black youth seeking employment

  7. Support for young black youths wanting a male or female mentor

  8. Positive alternative initiatives for young black youth 

  9. Support for young ethnic single parents

  10. Support for abused people physically or sexually within the ethnic community and ethnic church community

  11. Educational support for young black students unable to manage

  12. Open forum cafe between black community, Police and MP's

These services are provided through networking with other agencies and organisations and Police forces, this  programme is currently under further development for more information please contact us