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Become a member of Firefighters Christian Ministry and join our dedicated team of volunteers. With your help, we’ll be able to do more and do it better. Read on to learn more about what it means to be a part of Firefighters Christian Ministry and sign up below. We can’t wait for you to become part of the team! To apply click link below to request an application form













Volunteer Opportunities

  We always need people to support us! We are currently recruiting for 

  1. Outreach workers

  2. Telephone Helpline

  3. Admin assistants

To be a member of Firefighters, means you will make a drastic difference to the lives of many people. We believe tragedy can strike us at any time and it is in those times that we truly find out who our 'friends' are. Disappointment and doubt are two of the biggest set backs that many people face in their lives.

Betrayal, poverty, isolation, loneliness, fear and rejection, are all very real scenarios for a majority of people. The need to be percieved as 'strong' and ' capable' by our peers can often mean that when it all goes wrong we are too afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

Whether you find yourself at the top of the list for redundancy after you have just bought a house, or discover your spouse has been unfaithful, or your best friend has let you down, the need for support is very real.

Some people have had unfortunate, difficult and tragic lives others have seemingly sailed through until something suddenly happens and the resilience to cope is not there. The death of a loved one or wayward behaviour of a child can tip anybody over the edge. People make bad choices in desperate times and it is at those times when people need someone. 

Can you be that someone? Jesus knew how it felt to have people Hailing him one minute and shaking their fists yelling "Crucify him" the next, you only have to read the paper to see how one mistake or poor error in judgement sends the world into a frenzy against a once loved media icon.  We are looking for, loving, caring, non-judgmental, calm and loyal people to be a part of our team. You will be dealing with some very hurt, broken and lonely people who may not even know how to handle the fact that you care as nobody else close to them has done. 

People often have an invisible emotional splinter that they feel very deeply and when you come to take it out, they can mistake your hand of fellowship as a hand of attack, because that is all they are used to.


Are you resilient? Can you do your best not to be offended or take it personally if you are not immediately accepted? Are you mature enough to listen to sensitive issues without showing signs of disgust, embarrassment, shame or fear? Can you listen to something that goes against your moral compass without apportioning blame? If you have a genuine heart for people, are patient and caring with a loving spirit, and a mindset to see people restored, then Firefighters is exactly the role you are looking for!

Whether it is an hour on our phone line, or feeding the homeless, or checking on the elderly lady next door, we have something for you to do. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like! You will receive full training and support, plus you will make great friends in the process! If after reading this you still wish to be involved Please email us using the link below.

Accomplish Great Things

Student Membership

Firefighters welcomes students! Feel free to join whilst in term time or on gap year

Champion the Cause

Lifetime Membership

Firefighters welcomes EVERYONE for long term membership, we have SO many areas you can help in! We are a christian charity but accept you regardless of your faith!

Keep On Giving

Financial Membership

You may not be able to help us physically but why not donate monthly? we are always in need of financia aid for our projects!